Class In America By Gregory Mantsios Essay

...In the essay "Class in America: Myths and Realities" the author G.Mantsios advances a few hypothesis about the differentiation of contemporary society in the U.S. First author is showing that however, people rarely or never talk about the existence of social classes in the U.S. such classes not only exists but there is a huge abyss between them. Second part of the essays is demonstration that people who are born in the families already well doing have the better start, education, aspirations and opportunities then the people whose parents are poor. In his opinion, the belonging to the low class does not give the chance to succeed and this is even more difficult for the minorities. The third part is the summary of the earlier analysis. On the base of the statistical data author introduces his opinion that poor and minorities are oppressed by capitalism, which author calls to be "a system that is based on private rather then public ownership and control of commercial enterprises, and on the class division between those who own and control and those whom do not. Under the capitalism, these enterprises are governed by the need to produce a profit for the owners, rather than to fulfill collective needs. " After reading the first two parts of Mantosis' essay, I responded with the agreement. Even without statistical data, I would believe the author that social classes not only exists but also that moving socially upward is...

"Class in America" - Gregory Mantsios

     Researching has always been difficult and frustrating. I went on the Fresno State's library page to look for some sources but it took me a long time to find some that kinda went with my topic. It was hard to receive a result that talked about exactly what I was looking for. Many of the results were a bit off topic and did not deal with American problems. They were about novels or about other countries. However I did manage to find two sources that mostly present my theme. My first source talks about the meaning of "patience" between different classes and differences of social class. It talks about how each class is treating differently and how each has its own customs. The other article shows the history and workings of the working class. I couldn't find the perfect sources but I feel that these could lead me in the right direction.
     In "Class in America" by Gregory Mantsios, the workings of  economical classes in America are discussed. People in America don't talk about class because they refrain from classifying each other through classes. Americans "refer to their race, ethnic group, or geographic location."  Americans are afraid to distinguish one another through economical means. It's not that they aren't aware of these differences but that class is not a sociable subject converse over. Mantsios describes 4 myths about class in America. For example: class is of no significance in America, we are all middle class, we are all getting richer, and everyone has an equal chance to succeed.
    In reality, however, we realize that these are ALL myths or lies. America does struggle with its social class system and the gap between rich and poor is growing everyday. Mantsios shows the wide range of class in America. The rich only make about one percent but make a third of the money gross. There are extreme differences in the lifestyles if each class. Lastly, not everyone is able to succeed with JUST hard work.  Not all Americans have the same opportunists if they are born in different classes. It is very hard to get out of a lower class. Being in a lower class present many more challenges than someone who started off in a higher class level. There are even more negative effects of the social classes. Many times people are discriminated because of their race or gender. Statistically certain races are more likely to succeed in finding a job and what not. This creates unfair advantages and discourages the minorities to get out of the lower class.
    I do believe that there is injustice withing the social class structure in America. Being a minority I can see the challenges that one would have to go through in order to prevail and up their status. America likes to think it is the land of the equal but until it can prove that it is just a lie. The rich often get richer and the poor get poorer. In America, it seems everyday they make it harder and harder for the poor to overcome their class standards and become better. The rich take and take money from the poor Americans and never seem to give it back. If they are making more than a third of the money they should be giving it back. I don't see why they should get slack of paying back to society when the poor must do it everyday with their work and their wages.

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