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  • The logic behind these fees is thus: Since all public employees benefit from the union’s collective-bargaining operations, non-members shouldn’t be able to free-ride on those benefits by not paying dues.

    —matt ford, The New Republic, "Hobbling Unions in the Name of Free Speech,"26 Feb. 2018

  • National Rifle Association members, who pay annual dues, are eligible for discounts at a variety of companies, from hotels to insurance firms.

    —megan friedman, Esquire, "These Companies Still Do Business With the NRA, Despite, Well, Everything,"26 Feb. 2018

  • The Valdosta State signee finally gets her due after being sidelined by injuries while teammates played in state championship matches each of the past three seasons.

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    —judith newman, New York Times, "Guides for Better Living From Around the World,"23 Jan. 2018

  • This time around, the big education bill includes not only some charter-friendly stuff, but also a provision that would decertify any teachers union that isn’t receiving dues from 50 percent of its membership.

    —dan sweeney, Sun-Sentinel.com, "Power Lunch: Fracking bans, tourism taxes — more bills are moving,"6 Feb. 2018

  • On that amount, the total total tax due, minus foreign tax credits, would be 35% of $42 billion, or $14.7 billion.

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  • Annual membership dues — between $1,000 and $5,000 — are split down the middle, with half the money used for annual grants and the other half invested in the endowment fund.

    —david hernandez, sandiegouniontribune.com, "Chula Vista community-serving fund reaches milestone,"23 Jan. 2018

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