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Insurance Claim

The reason you have homeowner’s insurance is to make sure that damage directly or indirectly associated with weather damage is money that doesn’t come out of your pocket. By having weather damage built into these policies, you have the ability to make claims in these situations. JKZ Home Improvement specializes in dealing with insurance claims. We are not middle-men, but rather work on behalf of you, the client, to successfully obtain payment from the insurance company. Our systematic process first involves preparing a detailed scope and damage report. Our insurance claim specialists meet with the insurance company and negotiate a settlement. The goal of JKZ Home Improvement is nothing less than obtaining the best settlement for you, the homeowner, in terms of damage repair with the best materials and services.

Common damages houses may sustain from weather are usually related to roofing, siding, gutters or other areas. The following is the standardized, systematic process JKZ Home Improvement uses to address our clients’ needs:
1. Meet insurer and determine the extent of damage from weather conditions.
2. Negotiate insurance settlement on behalf of client, pushing for the best materials and cost coverage from insurance company.
3. Begin working on damages using the best materials and practices ensuring customer satisfaction.

The Ideal Future Free Trade System
– Tasks and Solutions –

Free trade aims to achieve economic development by promoting free transactions of goods and services in a global economy which is becoming increasingly interdependent. On the other hand, protectionist movements also have been emerging, criticizing free trade for giving rise to increases in economic disparity and unemployment. As a result, growing arguments are being made on both sides for the advantages and disadvantages of a free trade system.

  1. What advantages are people around the world gaining through free trade, and, to the contrary, what are the disadvantages?
  2. What kinds of measures are conceivable in order to further increase the advantages while reducing the disadvantages?
  3. In addition, what should “those concerned” do in order to achieve these measures?

In addition to your responses to these questions, please present your argument for what an ideal free trade system should look like in the future. In particular, essays which include analyses and suggestions about the part played by shosha companies are welcome.

[Tips on writing your essay]

  • When writing your essay, various approaches are conceivable, including a comparison of the past history and the present, or an introduction to and comment on theories, which are not limited to your logical composition or reasoning. We ask for constructive and concrete suggestions that go beyond any analyses.

  • As for “those concerned,” governments, political leaders, private companies, individuals, and international organizations are all possible options. However, it is not required to mention the parts played by all of these parties. In addition, “those concerned” are not necessarily limited to only these parties.

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