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Categorizing Personality Types Essay

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Outgoing and spontaneous, or level headed and reserved: these are ways in which people identify the others surrounding them every day. These personality indicators may seem easy to distinguish; however, at times, finding one’s own personality type can be difficult. In the early 1900s, a Swedish psychologist named Carl Jung introduced the idea of categorizing personalities into identifiable types (Boeree). By investigating the subconscious, Jung was able to classify personality types that have certain characteristics in common. This became known as typology (Boeree; Several years later, Katherine Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs-Myers, took Jung’s typology to the next level. Together they separated…show more content…

Also, extroverted people tend to act impulsively without thinking of consequences. An introverted person will think about his or her actions before committing to them (Extroversion). After taking the Myers-Briggs test, I discovered that I had an extroverted personality (Flynn). This is very prevalent in my job, as well as school. While I benefit from some time to myself, I enjoy working with groups of people. If I must choose between conducting a project on my own or with a group, I will usually pick the group. I also have a job that requires working with large groups of children. While some individuals may find such a large group overwhelming, I find it easy and comfortable. Another indicator of my extroverted personality is my tendency to act on impulse. Many times, I will enroll in classes before I take the time to see if I need them or will do well in them. I also make choices without considering consequences. Last semester, I chose to skip class to attend other events. While friends thought it made me a fun, flexible person, I ended up failing my class due to absences. Being introverted and extroverted both have their positive and negative qualities, but I typically benefit from my outgoing personality.
The next set of traits is sensing and intuitive. These types refer to the way a person interprets information (Basics). A person with a

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Type a Personality Essay

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In this thesis I am going to write about my own personality and the associated traits which come with my personality type. I’m going to consider if also if I’m type A, B, or C. also if I’m extrovert or introvert, plus the traits which come in between those levels of personality. I also need to consider if I have an abnormal personality and its origins i.e) psychodynamic, behavioural, cognitive or humanistic.

Personality A is a very strong and bold personality to own. This is typically related to a person with a chronic sense of time and ergency, meaning where ever they go they always need to be on time. A person that has an excessive competitive drive, and is very aggressive and hostile towards others. This person is always setting…show more content…

I also see my self as very active and fit, plus the active side of me has always been part of my lifestyle. The next trait that fits me too is sociable. This means, inclined to or conducive to companionship with others. This fits me because with the right people I’m very sociable, talking and joking with people I mainly know. But with like all people with the wrong company you don’t feel like associating with them mainly because of dislike or hatred. Outgoing is the next trait, this means that you are very sociable and very confident, again I’m totally this, with the right people, I have a very out going life which I use this trait every day at home and at college. Talkative is another trait which matches my personality, this again means, full of trivial conversation, this is me because I can talk even if there is no real subject on the conversation, this is due to friends and family too, because there is never a quiet moment. Another trait is responsive, this again means sensitive to influence or stimulus, this also can mean you can well adapt to what happening around you, this is me because if the mood is down I can sense that and switch down a level, or if I need to be in a such mood like sympathetic I can again switch to that too. This trait easy going means that you are

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