Essay Cause And Effect Of Divorce

Essay on The Causes and Effects of Divorce

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From past to present people all over the world have determined to live together, or “get married”. Marriage can be a beautiful thing, but some couples are unable to maintain their relationship, because they choose divorce as a solution to cope with the problems between husband and wife. Furthermore divorce is definitely on a rise. The effects of divorce can be detrimental to a family, but the causes of divorce can be just as bad. In this essay we will cover one of the main causes of divorce and one of the main effects. One of the main causes that marriages are not lasting is the change in the roles of woman today. Prior to the 1980’s it was the man’s responsibility to earn money and financially provide for his family, whereas the…show more content…

Now women share an equal role in businesses and work outside of just maintaining a clean house. Now that women can earn just as much money as men they don’t have to rely on anyone to bring, so they can separate from their significant others a lot easier. One of the biggest effects of divorce is the effect it has on our children. Most couples get married and have children shortly after, and all decision made by the couples directly affect their children. Studies show that divorce has one of the most negative effects on children. Children living in single parent homes are more likely to be pregnant as teenagers, drop out of high school, abuse drugs and have behavioral issues. Furthermore due to the high dropout rates of single parent children they often have hard times finding jobs due to their lack of education. Often times we will see that children from broken homes will also have issues maintaining long term relationships as well. Studies show that children who parents are divorced or separated marriages will end in divorce as well. One last scary effect of divorce is that 92 percent of inmates in California State correctional facilities are products of single parent homes; in other words at some point when they were children their parents either divorced or became separated. In conclusion due to changes in roles of both women and men divorce is on the rise, and is leaving a huge negative on the ones we love most our children. Divorce

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Divorce- A Controversial Subject

Divorce is considered controversial. People are of the opinion that it owns negative impacts on children and social development while some people claim that divorce is a natural phenomenon in one’s life.

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Life has different flavors for everyone to taste. That taste can be sweet and bitter depending on the flavor one chooses. Tendency of breaking the two strings attached to one another may possess the reasons related to education, economic, psychological in this particular matter.

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Concept of Marriage

If we keep a recount of past and present, it can easily be concluded that the world itself originated the concept of marriage (keeping religion aside). The criteria of living in a lifetime commitment is what we call marriage which couples complicate and end up in jilting each other down as they cannot maintain a single relationship.

Furthermore, marriage is known as an institution which brings a man and woman closer in a bond which is specially constructed on legal and social dependence. The purpose of marriage is to form and maintain a family. Marriage is a close as well as intimate union of two bodies.

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Increase in Divorce Rate

Unfortunately, divorce rates have increased rapidly. 21st century is witnessing the incredible rise in divorce rates. In order to avoid suppressing their own blemishes or avoiding any hindrance in their lives, spouses choose to get divorced. They egotistically run away from the situation which most often, run out of their hands.

There are various causes attached with the unappreciated decision of divorce for instance incompatibility, obsession, and egoism but let’s enlighten ourselves with the divorce major categories of causes.

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1. Changes in the Role of Women

In a male dominant society, the change in a woman’s role is the most prominent cause. Driving our brains in the past, women were very much familiar with their tasks such as looking after and spending most of the time dedicatedly with children, husband and house.

Men were considered as bread winners and therefore, their women were bound to rely on them financially. Now there’s a significant change in a woman’s role due to which a drastic increase in divorce rate is seen. Women have started attaining equality with their men by educating themselves and putting effort in social activities.

The probabilities of both the genders have equal chances and opportunities to earn a healthy living if they are qualified. Previously, it was impossible for a woman to end up a marriage which isn’t happy but now, it is not due to which there’s a remarkable rise in divorce rate.

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2. Faithlessness

With a fast running life, couples tend to get married at their convenience without understanding or knowing their partners. The feeling of being passionately involved in one another flies the instance a difficult situation strikes in their life. Small skirmishes or quarrels leads to the weakening of bonds between two people. In such crucial circumstances, it’s vivid that unfaithfulness destroys marriages. Adults start distracting their minds towards other male or female.

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3. Industrialized Life

Burdening people with unlimited work is also one of the causes of divorces. The rapid developmentin technology makes certain jobs done productively and effectively by machines rather than labor work. These modernized strategies have increased the rate of unemployed people who aren’t very highly qualified. Losing their source of income mounts high tensions between spouses.

Exhaustionand tiredness in work prevents a couple to maintain a balanced and colorful life. At this point in time, conflicts become very frequent. When endurance reaches climax, it becomes hard to secure matrimony. Therefore, divorce is what comes as a solution.

These are a few major causes that don’t, at any cost, allow the two ends to meet or even if they do, separation is inevitable.

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Effects of Divorce

Now we will throw light on the everlasting effects of divorce.

Positive Effect

As well all know that there are always two sides in a story, one is bright and the other is dark. Similarly, this particularly critical issue of divorce has positive as well as negative effects. Looking at the brighter side of the story, Escaping from an unachievable happy living is a wise choice.

At least the spouses would have the opportunity to live freely, hunt for their better half or focus more on their work in order to having a firm footage in life.

This way, the surroundings of that couple might fall into sheer disappointment but ultimately, when they’ll see the life becoming friends with their loved ones again, they will eventually accept the bitter sweet reality of one’s life. Hence, divorce is a wise decision to take in couples unhappy and colorless marriages.

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Negative Effect

Furthermore, explaining some negative effects

  • Separation of two entities ruins the life of children.
  • Education and nurture of the children lacks which is the most disastrous effect of divorce.
  • Children who witness their parents breaking up, indulge into corruption or social evils. It leaves a traumatizing psychological impact on the children due to the destructive environment.
  • Parent create a tangled situation for the children. They place them in an unfair position where they are asked to choose one parent.
  • The deteriorating relationship between parents and children leads to the pathological behavior of the child.

Whatsoever, the innocent ones suffer for somebody else’s deeds which are strongly condemned.

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