Dau Acq 101 Lesson 23 Homework

The Defense Acquisition University (DAU) offers an entire platform of learning assets within the Acquisition, Learning Model (ALM) to meet the career-long needs of the Defense Acquisition Workforce. At the foundation of these learning assets are the foundation learning assets (training courses) DAU delivers in the classroom setting and online via our virtual campus.

Included in DAU’s inventory of course related learning assets are Training Courses and Continuous Learning Modules.

Training Courses Resident and distance learning courses of varying lengths designed to meet your acquisition career field core certification standards as well as specific assignment developmental needs.

Continuous Learning Modules (CLM) Online self-paced short courses designed to meet specific training needs and in some cases core certification standards. All of our continuous learning modules, except for those supported by the Harvard Business School, are accessible by our industry partners and non DoD Federal agencies.

For each training course and CLM there is a published concept cards with basic information on the particular learning asset such as:

  • Course Descriptions
  • Target Audience
  • Intended Outcomes
  • Mode of Delivery
  • Equivalent Courses
  • Continuous Learning Points and CEU's awarded
  • American Council on Education (ACE) recommended college credits
  • Reserve Retirement Points

While viewing a training or continuous learning module concept card, you can apply for the course or module by selecting the Apply for this Course button located in the upper right corner of each course concept card. Please note:

  • DAU does not register students for courses. Within each Service or Agency, Directors of Acquisition Career Management (DACMs) oversee registration and attendance for these courses. Normally, the DACMs give priority to Defense Acquisition Workforce members who are pursuing certification in an acquisition career field.
  • Attendance at a Level II or III training course presumes the student meets all course prerequisite requirements.

Most of the training courses and all of our continuous learning modules, except for those supported by the Harvard Business School, are accessible by our industry partners and non DoD Federal agencies by those with a DAU Virtual Campus (ATLAS) account. Additionally, we make some course content available to the public via an application of DAU Blackboard referred to as Public Use. You can access this site directly from the concept card or at https://myclass.dau.mil.

Indirect Cost typically make up the preponderance of what the DoD pays their contractors. Using illustrated examples, Robert (Bob) Williams, Professor of Contract Cost, Price, and Finance reveals the costs being paid with the application of apparently simple rates. These examples also illustrate that all rates are developed and applied on different bases that can vary by company. And that all these rates carry some distortion in allocation between services and/or programs. Presented in a DCS Lunch N Learn 7 Oct 2015, Christopher Merkel, Professor of Business Cost Estimating and Financial Management, also facilitated the event as a subject matter expert answering questions from the field in the moderator/producer role. Over 140 acquisition professionals from various functional disciplines representing all DoD services participated in the webinar.


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