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AllSeated’s online network for planning events provides wedding couples the opportunity to organize their wedding from start to finish! With all of your data being updated in real time, wedding couples can manage their guest list, floorplans and seating arrangements, timelines and more for their special day all in one place.

There are many benefits to using AllSeated to create a wedding seating chart template.

Floorplans Designed To Scale

AllSeated allows you to easily design your wedding floorplan to scale. The floorplan from your venue can be uploaded into your account if it’s not already available in the AllSeated platform.

Once your floorplan is uploaded, you can choose the exact tables and furniture you wish to add to your floorplan from the furniture library.

Easily assign your wedding seating chart template from within your floorplan and make changes with just a click of a button.

Your floorplan can contain not only the tables and furniture items but also the dance floor, buffet tables, entertainment areas and anything else that you wish to include in your layout.

At any time during your design process, you can view your floorplan in 2D and then bring it to life in stunning 3D to create a virtual walkthrough of your wedding.


When brainstorming for this month’s free printable I looked back at the templates of mine that have been downloaded the most by Budget Savvy Brides. The elegant place cards that I shared back in June of 2013 were the clear winner. Today’s templates are in the same style, but I’ve expanded the download to include a full reception set. You can use any combination of the place cards, table numbers, and seating chart.

This is a black and white file which makes for super cheap printing. Set your printer to grayscale to save your colored ink. Print on any paper that you like! Tie in your wedding colors, use patterned paper, or go with chic black and white as I did.

The seating chart prints on 11 x 17” paper, which is too large for most home printers to handle. Send or take the file to your local copy store for inexpensive printing.

Using coordinating pieces throughout your big day is one way to give a budget wedding luxurious style. And coordinating your reception couldn’t be any easier with these free printable wedding reception templates in an elegant regal scroll design!



Place Cards

Download the place card file and open in MS word or Mac Pages. Enter your guest names. I used the font Garamond, but you can use any font that you like. If you have a font that you are using throughout your wedding, such as on invitations, programs, and thank you cards, you can match the font on your reception printables.

Print the file on your chosen paper.

Tip: Use a heavier card stock than standard copy paper. I find a weight of 65 lbs to 90 lbs to work best as it’s heavy enough to give some strength to the paper, but still able to easily be printed on your home printer without causing paper jams.

Cut each sheet in half and in half again so you end up with four place cards. A paper cutter is the quickest way to do this as you can cut more than one sheet at once, so head to your local FedEx Office store and make use of their cutter (you’ll probably be there anyway printing the seating chart on their large scale printer).

Scissors will work just fine too though.

Fold each card in half and stand it up. Congratulations, your place cards are now ready to go.

Table Numbers

The table numbers are even easier to put together than the place cards, as no folding is required. Download the template and add your table numbers in MS Word. If you are naming your tables rather than using numbers, you can replace the number with the table name. You will need to change the font size and reposition the text box to line everything up neatly. Print, and cut in half and in half again as you did with the place cards.

Display the table numbers using your favorite stand. A few of my favorite ideas for stands can be seen here.

Seating Chart

The seating chart is also simple to put together. Download the template and open in your word processing program. I’ve set the layout as an alphabetized table. The easiest way to get your guest names and table numbers into the chart is to create an alphabetized list in Excel, then copy and paste the columns in. When you are happy with your formatting save the file and either put it on a thumb drive or email it to the copy shop of your choice. The seating chart prints on 11 x 17” paper, and chances are your home printer won’t print something this large. A quick trip to your local FedEx Office with the file on a thumb drive solves this problem. And you can use their paper cutter for your place cards and table numbers while you are there.

Now with very little effort and very little expense you will have a perfectly coordinated reception with no one spinning aimlessly in the center of the room trying to figure out where they should go! Enjoy!


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