Jetblue Case Study


6)Were there any pre risis signs that the o!pany would respond the way they did? -" so,what were the indiators o" a potential risis reation?*(en when JetBlue was going in loss "ro! 89$1 !illion to 82$7 !illion) as stated in the3to#er 200: uarterly result, they tried to e;pand growing !ore and !orethinhori&ontally e;panding) #y e;panding, #uying new airra"t and adding routeswithout understanding the root ause o" why they are su""ering the pro#le!$ 'hey didn’twant to lose their pro"its as they were low ost air transporter$ %irplanes not taking o"" !eant great loss to the! hene they took o"" the "light e(en though the weather was harshwhih ulti!ately led to their down"all$:)*(aluate JetBlue’s handling o" the +a"ter!ath o" the e(ent?JetBlue’s *3 i!!ediately a!e to pu#li saying that he is aounta#le "or the !ishappenings$ <e e(en put his o!pany wrong and #rought a new onept alled theusto!er Bill o" =ights$ 'he o!pany (owed to rei!#urse passengers i!pated #yground delays and to re!o(e passengers "ro! planes le"t on the runway "or !ore than :hours, under this Bill$ 5eele!an stated that +the o!pany’s !anage!ent was not strongenough to handle the "iaso largely due to the +shoestring o!!uniation syste! thatle"t pilots and "light attendants in the dark, and to an undersi&ed reser(ation syste!$ 'hissyste! #ea!e o(erwhel!ed, with usto!ers una#le to get through to hu!an agents tohek on a "light$ %dditionally, the o!pany ad!itted that it +laked the trained sta"" to"ind all "ind all o" the attendants and pilots and tell the! where to go$ <e e(en ga(e outthe reason "or the (alentine’s day happenings as !iso!!uniations>lak o" o!!uniation$ JetBlue tried to re(a!p its whole struture !aking it !ore usto!er "riendly later$

JetBlue accelerates its expansion strategy, using Oracle private cloud architecture to underpin its commerce platform and aircraft maintenance systems. Designed and managed by Cintra, the business-critical platform is empowering the airline to achieve its vision by enhancing customer experience, enabling agility across operations and supporting growth.

The challenge:

Despite the continued growth, it’s a tough market that’s sensitive to external factors, including economic conditions, weather and world events. Airlines also face volatile fuel prices, increasing fees, taxation and competition. To be successful, they need to offer high-quality customer experiences and maintain excellent safety, while streamlining operations to be as efficient as possible.

Digital transformation requirement

To realize these plans, JetBlue needed to transform some of its critical IT foundations to ensure they would support its continuing growth. Most notably, the underpinnings of its aircraft maintenance system needed attention, and there was also a need for a robust platform to underpin a new commerce application.

  • Airline has been transformed, with a platform for growth, agility and optimal customer experience
  • Oracle Private Cloud based on Exadata and ZFS. Designed, implemented and managed by Cintra
  • Cintra is JetBlue’s strategic Oracle partner, providing Oracle architecture services and Oracle managed services


“As a business, we’ve grown a lot since the migration to the Cintra-designed Oracle private cloud. We have benefited tremendously from the marked improvement across key operations, which gives us significant confidence that our platform has been well-designed, well-architected and is operationally well maintained and, as a result, able to sustain our rapid growth.”

Prem Abichandani, Manager of Database Administration, jetBlue


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