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Essay on A Modest Proposal to End Obesity in America

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If gluttony is one of the seven sins then we have many sinners in America. Obesity is a large problem in this country and more needs to be done to combat obesity. No one good solution, I believe, has been proposed to solve this epidemic. Jonathan Swift had an ingenious proposal to solve the problems of Ireland by feeding the children to the rich, after they reached the age of one. His proposal would have been beneficial because it would have solved many other problems. I have a solution to the obesity in this country that will solve several problems and benefit the country and its people. After people reach maturity and if their stomachs stick out more than 4 inches past their chest cavity, that area between the pectorals,…show more content…

Human flab/flesh would be the most part of the human body to eat, and it should taste good. It must be rich in minerals and vitamins and protein just like regular meat from animals. However when you cook something you tend to lose nutrition, so it could be ingested raw. This could become a delicacy and that would make it very sought after. If the obese don't want to eat their own flesh they can sell it to pay medical bills which are a cause of being overweight in the first place.

The amount of liposcution procedures would decrease although it is popular nowadays. There are side-effects of liposuction and dangers as well. Tubes suck out fat, blood, acid and saliva, this is nasty and disgusting. Are these tubes changed for every operation? Diseases could be spread or contacted through liposuction because of the tubes

and objects going in and out of the body. Necessary parts of anatomy maybe be taken out by accident. A person might not wake up from the sedatives that they get prior to the operation.

If these people practice this then the food supply will decrease because there will be less food bought and the price of food will decrease. This will allow poorer people to afford more food. Crime might decrease because the price of food would be low and affordable.

There would be more plants and animals around because they would be consumed less.

People could have the profession of a belly slicer. This would create jobs and

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Satire essays on obesity help

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