Womens Rights To Education In Pakistan Essay

Women Rights in Pakistan Essay as Woman rights have always been an importance issue in the society of every country.People in the society are not well aware of women rights and their importance. Woman is seems as weak creature of Allah. But it’s the truth that woman is one of the best creatures of the world. Being Muslim, woman is given great importance and value in Islam. Man and woman have equal rights in Islam. Despite of having rights, women are still deprived of their financial, economic, social and political rights. The rights of woman in Pakistan as contrasted with man are alarmingly hopeless. She is a victim of violence at domestic level as well as sexual harassment in their profession. She is undoubtedly dealt with injustice and unfairness in the society. She is badly deprived of her fundamental rights. It is surprise to know that woman is underprivileged to get her basic right that is given at her birth is education which can be a source of her empowerment. Education is the only sources that can make her empower not only in society but also financial and professionally.

Women Rights in Pakistan Essay

Pakistan is an independent Islamic country. Islam itself says that men and women have equal rights of getting education. In rural or backward areas of Pakistan like Sindh, Baloshichtan and KyberPakhtun Khan, women are not given basic education. The level of illiteracy in these provinces is lower as compare to Punjab due to which level of violence to women rights is higher. They are get engaged in domestic work rather than sending their girls to school.Women are thrown acid on their face, buried alive on their births, young girls are raped or forced marriages are some of the intolerable violence against the women. Compare to urban areas, in rural areas, young girls are forced to get married even bellower the age of 16 or 18.In recent years few kind of violence’s were emerged by the media and they highlighted the level of violence that has been done to the women in Pakistan. These are some of the alarming situations in Pakistan which needs serious consideration by the state.

Government of state needs to pay attention to eliminate such injustice with women and young girls and to focus on the women Rights in Pakistan. In the modern era, although the ratio of woman in education and professions is increasing but their rights of being secure and just are still not so developed. It is the responsibility of the state to provide them rights and made their presence strong in the society. With the growing time, Pakistani government has acknowledged the importance of rights of women and has made the constitution by keeping in view their fundamental rights.Constitution of Pakistan now assures the rights of women and do not distinguish them from men in any sphere of life. As discussed before the basis of Pakistani constitution is Islam; a religion that has secured the rights of women fourteen hundred years ago.In the constitution of Pakistan 1973, in Article 25(1) it is stated, “All citizens are equal before law and are entitled to equal protection of law.” Article 25(2) states prolong and cleared the importance by stating, “There shall be no discrimination on the basis of sex alone.”

To protect the rights of women in professional field, labour law and factories act 1934 included special articles for the securing women from exploitation and violence. Many companies and institutes design their policies to save the rights of women . Companies need to make anti-harassment policy for woman. Equal employment opportunities should be offered by every organization in Pakistan. It is now made compulsory by the law to offer equal employment opportunities to the people so that women are encouraged to apply for any job.

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Education is the right of every human but unfortunately in Pakistan women are still deprived of education. For a prosperous society a role of an educated woman is very important. Education is the only tool that can break this intergenerational cycle of oppression, abuse, and poverty of women. It has the power to transform societies. Educated women are more aware of their rights. A greater participation of educated women in the economy and political process would lead to a better world today as well as future generations.

Today, Pakistan is far from meeting its international education obligations. One in ten of the world’s primary age children who are not in schools live in Pakistan, placing Pakistan second in the global ranking of out-of-school children. According to UNESCO, meanwhile 30 percent of Pakistanis live in extreme educational poverty having received less than two years of education.

In Pakistan, there are about 19.5 million children of primary age group, out of which 6.8 million are out of school and 60 percent of these are females. At least, seven million children are not in primary schools. That’s around as many people as live in the city of Lahore. Three million will never see the inside of a classroom at all.

In Pakistan, girls face some of the highest barriers in education. It has been estimated that nearly 62 percent of out of school girls are unlikely ever to enrol in schools as compared to 27 percent of boys in the country. 43 percent of women faced religious discrimination at workplace, educational institutions and neighbourhood. Pakistan is committed to spending at least 4 percent of GDP on education.

Major cause of women illiteracy is the increase in population, which is playing a negative role in this deprivation of female education. A family having more number of children and less income will prefer to educate the boys of the family, while the girls will be given embroidery or sewing skills.

Traditionally, women are considered as an asset of males of the family. So these males are responsible for taking decisions of their lives. In most cases, males do not allow their sisters or daughters to go to schools or universities. Additionally, some families do not like their daughters to study in co-education institutes thus depriving them of higher education. Parents do not want girls’ education.

Co-education is not acceptable in an Islamic country. The courses for women should include subjects relating to their needs in life: beliefs, rituals, domestic duties and rights, raising children, solution of domestic problems, rules of Purdah, nursing, home economics, budget, sewing, embroidery, industrial skills such as carpet, poultry, preservation of food and so on.

Every government talks about the importance of female education but none of them has given attention to it. In Multan, the plan of a separate women university and women medical college was announced yet these plans have not seen the light of the day.

Initial step is the decentralisation of decision-making, which means government should develop partnerships with NGOs and the private sector to hand over responsibility effectively to achieve universal primary education. It can improve education administration.

The most important factor in improving education in Pakistan is to spread awareness amongst the rural population about the necessity of education for girls. Then annual research should be conducted to compare figures and to learning achievement across schools, districts and regions over time.

Last but not the least, no society can progress by restricting more than half of its population in the abyss of ignorance and a maze of undue limits. If Pakistan followed the path forged by other pioneers of education reforms, it could expect to start seeing results within two years.



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